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"Words cannot express how grateful we are to know you.  You are such an inspiration to us; your professionalism is outstanding.  Thank you so much for all your effort; your caringness and dedication really shines forth in your work."
"Thank you for all of your good advice and help.  You truly were the one for us, to make our dream come true!" -
Jim & Deb


"Thank you very much for always trying to do the very best for me." -


Thank you for going above and beyond for us.  We truly appreciated your time."


Dearest Maria,

 It is so comforting to know that we have in our life. Once again...you have been such a great help to us. We appreciate our time with you, and your patience with us. We look forward to seeing you again. All the best to you, your family, all your projects and your business.
Vanessa and Seamus Saskia and Svin

Thank you for all the hard work you and your staff have done on the Jubilee Project. It is very much appreciated.
Kind Regards,"
Curtis and Brenda
Thanks for all your patience and advice and for going the extra mile for us.
Clay, Christine, Rachael and Vern
Dear Maria:
Thanks for all you do!!!!  Big Luvs
Cheryl and Brian
Many Many Thanks!!
You are the Master at getting mortgages just like Van Gogh!
Best wishes for your continued success :)
Thank you very much for making this work for my family and I. We greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for all your hard work!You did a great job.
Thanks so much.
Ron and Craig
The sun sets, but the river keeps going.......
Thank you for your diligence and encouragement through this difficult time. Blessings to you.
...for all you do
Thank you so much for making it happen!
Just wanted to say thank you so much for putting it together for us...you made it happen! We appreciate all your hard work.
Paul and Debra
I appreciate your hand holding through the mortgage renewal process!
Thank you Maria - I cannot express enough how wonderful it was to work with your team! This is a huge difference for us, time to breathe:) 
Hi Guys!
Just wanted to say thank you!!! A million!!! Everything is all said and done!!!! For both mortgages!! Pleasure dealing with you Maria!!!
Thank you for your patience and commitment to helping us buy our new home, we love it!
Mark & Family
Dear Maria
I am starting to get settled in my new home.  I am the happiest I have ever been in a home, it is so nice to have my own place.  You, are in a position to change lives, I am aware of that every day.  You have changed my life-very much for the better.  I am very greatful to you for believing in me and making owning my dream home a reality.
God bless you,
Thanks so much for all of your help and advice!  We are loving our new home and will be back to visit you in the future...
Carlee and Guy
Maria and Staff
We would like to thank you for helping us work through both these mortgages...
We appreciate you!
Fesaitu and Janelle
Hi Maria
I wanted to let you know how much I value your attempts to find alternate solutions to help me out, and doing so with tact and grace, given my sensitivity to being in such a difficult financial circumstance!  Thank you! I will certainly call you to review our mortgage when it comes up.
Thanks again!
Kind regards,
Hi Maria
You've been so amazing with everything you've done for us over the years. We are so thankful to have found someone like you who will take on a chanllenge... and work at it until all options are exhausted! We know there are many brokers and bankers out there who won't bother, so we wanted to say how much we appreciate you and your dedication to your work...Maria is simply amazing, She is what every broker should be...she is dedicated, she knows her business, she is passionate about her career and cares about her clients, she will work tirelessly and leave no stone unturned to get you the best deal possible.  Overall, she is a true fighter who helps her clients realize their dreams! We cant thank her enough for everything she's done for us over the years.
Thanks again Maria!
Tonya & Leon

Dear Maria,

Thanks for making our dreams come true!

Big Hugs


A very special thank you Maria and Sinead. You guys are the best!!!!!!

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